Why Social Media Is Vital For Your Business

More so than ever before, social media has become a vital tool for any business. It’s practically essential for success that you are present on social platforms, but why? What can social media do for you?

This blog is here to help you answer that question.

Social media allows your business to reach customers from anywhere. It’s a much broader form of advertising that doesn’t require you to spend money. Things such as TV ads are growing irrelevant and only reach people within a certain area. SM doesn’t have those limits.

“There are no real boundaries with organic reach. Someone across the globe may stumble across your post — and become a new supporter. With ad targeting, you are also able to tap into markets and reach specific customers and regions that you couldn’t in the past.” — Like A Voss

When you put some time into developing a strategy for content and engagement, the more likely people are to see you, especially if you cultivate a community that is consistently coming back for your content. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new audiences.

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to figure out the wants and needs of your customers. With the present emphasis of being authentic online, people want honesty, which means your customers will be too. It allows you to see what your customers are interested in and drawn to most — information that you can use to your advantage.

“As a complementary research tool, social media can help you get information and a better understanding of your industry. Once you get a large following, you can then use additional tools to examine other demographics of your consumers.” — Digital Doughnut

Social media allows you to access tons of analytics that you can utilize to improve your business and target audiences. It’s information that would be way harder to get without social media. This way, you can access it with the click of a button!

A solid SM presence gives you something that your customers can follow and feel a sense of attachment to. Businesses that are active on social media and share lots of interesting content that actually interests their customers make those customers feel more loyalty towards them.

Lots of businesses will share photos on their Instagram story that customers tagged them in — such as someone holding a coffee from a certain coffee shop, this is also known as user-generated content. This makes that specific person feel more connected to the company as well as the people that see it feel as if it’s a company that cares and interacts with its customers.

“It’s easy to maintain communication with customers if you use social media for your business. Interact with them regularly by way of regular posts and updates. What’s more, social media also gives customers a channel for getting in touch should they have any issues.” — Social Marketing Writing

Here’s a tip — be authentic! People on SM love it when people act genuinely and share their lives. You can do this by sharing the “behind the scenes” content of your business.

Social media is a MUST for a business in 2020 and beyond. If you don’t already have SM profiles for your business, create one! If you have one but it’s not doing so well, work on it! Create consistent content with clear branding. When used the right way SM can work wonders for your business.

Owner / CEO — Like A Voss Social Media

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